33 Fun Christmas Activities for Kids (and Big Kids)


Make this your family’s most festive season ever with these great new Christmas activities for kids.

Originally posted here.

1. On the fridge, post a holiday-gift wish list for every family member.2. Each year let the kids pick out one ornament to buy.3. E-mail Santa at santaclaus.com.

4. Capture fun holiday moments: Place disposable cameras all over the house.

5. Have the kids stage a reenactment of the Christmas or Hanukkah story.

6. Give small 1st-of-December gifts to family members.

7. Go to a tree farm and cut down your own evergreen.

8. Host a holiday hair-wrap party for your daughter’s friends.

9. Enjoy wine and cheese while you and your guy fill the stockings.

10. Remind Santa to write a thank-you note for the milk and cookies.

11. Have the kids leave a bowl of baby carrots on the lawn for the reindeer.

12. Buy everyone striped long johns (hannaandersson.com).

13. Create a Kwanzaa family-history book. For details, see holidays.kaboose.com.

14. Grab hot cocoa and go caroling.

15. Attend a religious service entirely different from your own.

16. Leave “Ho, ho, ho, it’s off to the mall we go” on your answering machine.

17. Ask grandparents to recall their holiday memories on a tape recorder.

18. Love advent calendars? Find cool ones at playmobil.com.

19. Tour the neighborhood in search of dramatic decorations.

20. Ask each family member to write a verse for a special holiday poem.

21. Let the kids hand out the gifts on Christmas morning.

22. Open presents slowly, so everyone has time to “ooh” and “ahh.”

23. Call your chamber of commerce to track down any holiday festivals.

24. Turn out all the lights, then get dazzled by your sparkling tree.


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