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Check out this cute read by Sue Downey of Nannypalooza
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6218659Nannies are often more than child care experts. But some of the things we do for families are hard to put into marketable phrases. I mean, I can’t put “dealing with stupid plumber” on my resume. Or can I? (insert dreamy music and wavy daydream image here….)

Successfully oversaw extended delays, picky interior designers, re appropriated living spaces and translated contractor speak into english– Contractor Liaison-

Got 3 kids, two parents and a dog out the door each morning with smiling faces and hope–Motivational Speaker

Dealt with multiple extended visits with grandparents, uncles, aunts and assorted family members where no one ended up in tears or in jail–Multigenerational Coordinator

Convinced 2 year old that spinach, broccoli and carrots would not, in fact, kill him–Nutritional Expert

Fostered a non combative relationship between family and entitled, over reaching, annoying neighbors–Community Mediator

Coordinated hundreds of school papers, bills, invoices, memos, notes, grocery lists, scraps of paper, reminders, permission slips and calendar notices–File Clerk

Go between and communicator of unpleasant household news and parenting decisions–Marriage Counselor

Got everyone where they needed to be even when they didn’t want to go or didn’t know where they were going–Logistics Specialist

Returned numerous boxes and packages from careless internet shopping, mailed hundreds of Christmas cards and thank you notes–Shipping Whiz

Made numerous blanket forts, hideouts, and cardboard princess homes —Non Traditional Materials Architect-

Now you try it. What would you add onto your resume?


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