Teach Resilience Without Lectures


This post is an excerpt from the book, “Teach Resilience – Raising Kids Who Can Launch” by Deborah Gilboa, M.D. 


You know that feeling of wanting to protect your child from every bad thing that could ever happen? Here’s your chance!

Start an ongoing game of “What if…”

“…you got lost here?”
“…I wasn’t home to meet you?”
“…you see someone fall?”
“…you have too many bags to carry?”
“…soccer was against the law?”
“…our dog could talk?”

Teach Resilience (and bust boredom) without lectures!

imagesDr. G empowers parents to use their knowledge and instincts to raise great kids. She is a Board Certified Family Physician, mother of four, and professional speaker and writer. For more resources from Doctor G, check out her website: www.AskDoctorG.com. 


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