INA 2013 Nanny Of The Year Nominees and Award Recipient



Family helpers would like to congratulate the four nominees for the  2013 INA Nanny of the Year!

Tirzah Winterton
Maryann Kamitian
Karen Le Blanc
Joanne Barrow

To read more about each of the nominees, visit the INA Blog.

The 2013 INA Nanny of the Year is Joanne Barrow!


Joanne’s INA Bio
Joanne feels honored to give her working life to helping families raise children for the last 22 years.  She has cared for a family struggling to overcome the loss of their mom, children whose parents were in the middle of a divorce and helped a busy single mom adopt, care for and connect with her children.  Joanne moved here from England when she was just 20 years old through an Au Pair program and has become a true professional American nanny.

Joanne was nominated by Faith Popcorn and Glenn Kaufman who had this to say about her: (Faith) My daughter was 3 years old when she [was adopted from China] and had never heard a word of English.  Through play and everyday activities Joanne worked tirelessly with her to develop a command of the English language.  Joanne was instrumental in helping her adjust to the monumental transition.  (Glenn) She has a work ethic and proactive nature as great as any I have witnessed and both her time management and organizational skills make the countless tasks, decisions, actions, needs and changes of a typical day and substantial projects seem virtually effortless.  She anticipates and assesses situation with a level of thoughtfulness and decisiveness required to take the nanny role to a level beyond the highest of expectations.

Click here to read Joanne’s interview with Forbes:
Confessions of the Best Nanny in the World


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