Teaching Math Skills Through Grocery Shopping


imagesBy: Greta Schraer

Grocery shopping is a great way to teach a child math skills. A child can learn to recognize numbers and shapes, count money, make change, and even learn about weight and volume. Why not make your weekly grocery trip a fun and educational lesson?

The following are some activities to try. They can be altered to the appropriate skill level and interest of the child.

  1. Have the child make a numbered grocery list. It can be as short or as long as appropriate.
  2. Discuss food groups and quantities of items. Example: How many fruits are on your list?
  3. Compare sizes and shapes of food items.
  4. Count items in the cart.
  5. Compare prices.
  6. Read nutrition labels. What do the percentages mean?
  7. Compare like foods with different volumes.
  8. Weigh produce or deli foods.
  9. Talk about coupons and subtract the difference of savings from the regular price.
  10. Bring a calculator and have the child add all the prices of the items on the list.
  11. Let the child pay for the groceries with cash and receive the change.

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