Email Etiquette for Nannies


UnknownWritten By: Danielle Buzanski

Be neat: You can be informal in email, however don’t be sloppy. Remember to use capitals and punctuation.

Keep messages brief: Keep your e-mail message short and to the point. Please don’t make it longer than necessary. Concentrate on one subject per message whenever possible.

Communicate in person. Don’t forget the value of face-to-face communication or making a phone call. Most nannies and families text throughout the day, however face to face meetings are ideal to discuss issues.

Remember that e-mail isn’t private. Your e-mail is floating through cyber space, and your computer and email can be hacked at any time. Please be mindful of what you say and where you read your e-mail.

Use the subject field: Please be sure to use the subject field. Don’t say “Hi” or “from Susan”. This can, and will, end up in your spam folder. Use the subject you are talking about; i.e. “New Job” or “Job Offer”, then your recipient knows what your email is about.

Sending items: Please don’t send chain letters, virus warnings, or junk mail. Your friends, potential employers, and family do not want that!

Remember that your tone can’t be heard in e-mail. You cannot communicate feelings or tone of voice easily through email. Some people use smiley faces, but use them sparingly so that you appear professional. Do not use all capital letters as it appears you are screaming. Use exclamation points sparingly as well.

Use a signature. Make sure people know who you are and how to contact you; include your phone numbers if it is okay for people to phone you.

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