Organize Kids’ Toys


Following the holidays, it is guaranteed that kids have a good amount stuff at their fingertips. The toys can often overtake the house and even distract kids from play. The beginning of the new year is a great time to tame the clutter, purge the old, and organize the new! Here are 9 great ideas for families and nannies to organize kids’ toys!

Organize Kids’ Toys (and Save Your Home From Clutter)
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Since you became a parent, your home decor has gone from Pottery Barn to Old MacDonald’s barn. But it is possible to tame kid gear in your home and organize those endless piles of toys Grandma keeps sending. Take back the house with these clutter-busting tips!

1. Make an In-and-Out Rule
Your house is like the Hotel California for toys: They check in any time they like, but they never seem to leave. Implement an in-and-out rule: Every time a new toy enters the house, an old toy heads to charity.

2. Provide Storage
Invest in toy storage bags, clear storage bins and baskets. Label them if your kids can read or attach photos of appropriate toys to the containers if they can’t. You can’t tell your kids to put the toys away if they haven’t the first clue where to put them!

3. Rent Toys
It’s like Netflix for toys! Instead of purchasing new playthings for your kids all the time, subscribe to Baby Plays and have a new shipment of cool stuff come in (and go out!) each month.

4. Organize Tiny Toys
If your floors seem to be carpeted with microscopic Legos, use shoe organizers, egg cartons or fishing-tackle boxes to store small toy parts.

5. Feature a Few
Change things up around your house and designate a toy of the day (or two) to entertain your kid, and keep the rest of the toys stored out of sight. Change the featured toys every day and you’ll have your kids rapt attention. Hey, it works for Sesame Street: “Today was brought to you by the letter …”

6. Hang ‘Em High
If you find your kid sleeping on the floor because stuffed animals have hijacked her bed, have her choose one favorite stuffed animal to sleep with, and store the rest in a toy hammock.

7. Designate a Clutter Bowl
Some areas of the house are a magnet for clutter, like the kitchen counter or entryway table. Each day, scoop all the accumulated junk into a clutter basket or bowl and whatever your family doesn’t remove by your deadline gets dumped.

8. Make Cleaning Up a Competition
They compete for everything—first one to the car, first one to get the phone. How about first one to de-clutter her room? Make cleaning up a contest and see if a little competition is healthy … for your sanity!

9. Box It Up
Those snowshoes are dusty, and since you live in Phoenix, they’re rarely used. But your son insists he needs them. Have him throw them in a one-year box. If they’re still there and unused in 12 months, then march them to Goodwill.

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