30 Portable Snacks for Kids on the Go


Let’s face it, life is busy and we are often on the go with our kids. With some planning we can guarantee that children still have nutritional snacks even through our business of grocery runs, sports practices, and carpool. Check out this list from the book Toddler 411, for 30 relatively portable options for you and your kids on the go. (These snacks are recommended for toddlers and older, however, snacks with dried fruit or whole nuts are a choking hazard and only intended for children ages three and up.)

30 Portable Snacks for Kids on the Go

  1. Apple slices and cheese chunks
  2. Apple slices with peanut butter
  3. Orange slices or pear wedges
  4. Bean and cheese nachos/quesadillas with whole wheat tortillas
  5. Carrots, broccoli, and ranch dressing
  6. Pineapple spears and graham crackers
  7. Bran muffins and apple slices
  8. Whole wheat mini-bagel pizzas
  9. Hummus and pita
  10. Celery and cream cheese (add raisins on top for “ants on a log”)
  11. Celery and peanut butter
  12. Dried apricots, cream cheese, wheat thins
  13. Corn bread and pumpkin butter
  14. String cheese and avocado dip
  15. Scrambled eggs and wheat crackers
  16. Edamame and ham cubes
  17. Homemade trail mix (oatmeal squares cereal, dried cranberries or raisins, almonds)
  18. Yogurt smoothies
  19. Half a boiled egg and yogurt
  20. Pumpkin butter on wheat bread
  21. French toast fingers and applesauce
  22. Whole wheat or spinach tortillas, cream cheese, and shredded carrots
  23. Banana and cheerio skewers
  24. Half bagel and cream cheese
  25. Avocado dip and while wheat tortillas
  26. Chicken salad or egg salad on wheat bread
  27. Nut or seed (almond, cashew, sunflower seed) butter on whole wheat toast
  28. Yogurt parfait (fresh fruit or dried fruit, granola,and yogurt)
  29. Chilled fruit soup
  30. Vegetable soup (carrot, pumpkin)

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