10 Tips for Open Communication


It is vitally important to keep open communication between nanny and family. The following is a list of suggestions that may help as you work together. Here are 10 Tips for Open Communication!

1. Begin with work agreement and review on a yearly basis. Be clear and specific and follow through with what the document says. The International Nanny Association has created a nanny/family work agreement that you may want to consider using as a template for your own personal nanny/family work agreement. Click here for INA’s Nanny/Family Agreement.

2. Discuss the best methods of communication for parents and nanny. Will you talk by phone, send texts, or email?  How often will you talk throughout the day?  Talk about what is helpful communication and what is distracting.

3. Keep a daily nanny log. This is one location for parents to leave their notes and for nannies to document important things from the day. The transition as nanny arrives and leaves can be hard time to relay all details. Write those key things down.

5. Talk about frustrations when they are small, so that they do not turn into a bigger deal. Don’t have important conversations, like these, via email or text.

6. Plan regular times for nanny and parents sit down and talk without the children. During the first few months into a nanny/family relationship it may be beneficial to meet often – on a weekly basis. After the first few months, you may find that you may go longer without a formal meeting, this may look like once per month. Find a rhythm that works for you.

7.  Offer performance reviews for the nanny that include honest feedback. Nannies should know what they can do to improve in their role, as well as what they are appreciated for. Reviews can start as once every three months,  then every six months and eventually be every year.

7. Use positive words, a respectful tone, and have an open attitude. Kindness will go a long way.

8. Nannies, be your own advocate; do not be afraid to speak up for yourself.

9. Parents, your approval and support will set your nanny up for success. Remember children are always watching and listening.

10. Keep your word.

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