Nanny Fatally Stabs Two Children in NY City


Nanny Fatally Stabs Two Children in NY City
By Susan Tokayer

You have all heard this story by now.   This horrific tragedy has left us scared and numb.  As is human nature, we want to understand what happened.  But, the more I hear about this tragedy, the more I believe that this is one of those rare, rare tragic events that almost never happens, but was impossible to predict.

Our hearts go out to the Krim family during this most difficult time.

Please remember that hundreds of thousands of children are cared for daily by caregivers and it is so very rare that a child is harmed by a caregiver.   But, when we hear of a tragedy like this our initial reaction is visceral.  And, because this tragedy occurred so close to home, it may feel like this could happen to us.

Again, I encourage all parents of children that are being cared for by a caregiver to keep this event in perspective.  I also encourage all family employers and caregivers to discuss this tragedy with one another.  Open, honest communication will strengthen your relationships.

I am available to speak with any family that employs a nanny, and all nannies.  If you have any questions or want to discuss the tragedy, please do not hesitate to call me at 914 674-8535.


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