5 Reasons to Hire a Summer Nanny


With summer quickly approaching and pre-schools and elementary schools ending, many parents are contemplating their summer child care options. For many families, summer nannies are the perfect child care solution.

Here’s 5 reasons why:

1. With a summer nanny your children can have a customizable summer.  Instead of filling your children’s summer with programs and camps as a solution to your summer child care dilemma, hire a summer nanny who can coordinate play dates, take trips to the zoo and spend time doing things with your children they truly want to do.

2. With a summer nanny you could have a built in tutor. Many teachers supplement their income by securing a summer nanny position. It’s a well known fact that during the summer children can educationally regress. Help your child to retain and enhance his knowledge base with a summer nanny that can double as a tutor.

3. With a summer nanny you’ll have less stress coordinating events and activities. Your career may not end when school does and coordinating summer camps, play dates and other activities can feel like an additional job.  Hire a summer nanny to take charge of your child’s summer schedule for you.

4. With a summer nanny your children will receive one-on-one personalized care.  Unlike in camps or center based care, your summer nanny’s sole focus will be on the children in your family. With a summer nanny, your children won’t be forced to adapt to the routine, structure and philosophies of care that come along with center based care choices and summer camps. Your nanny can customize her care plan and style to the children in your family.

5. With a summer nanny you’ll have the ultimate in flexibility.  Perhaps you need coverage for the entire summer or for just a week or two in between camps. With Family Helpers you can hire a summer nanny for the day, week or the duration of summer.

Family Helpers is a full-service domestic placement agency that has provided exceptional well-screened summer nannies to families in the Westchester County community since 1995.

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