5 Great Holiday Gifts to Give Your Employer


Holiday gift giving can be tricky business for nannies. While nannies often feel like they are part of their employer’s family, they know too well the importance of keeping their nanny/employer relationship professional.

So what’s the perfect gift to express your sentiments to your employers? A gift that says you enjoy and appreciate your relationship with them, without being too personal?

Consider these 5 suggestions as a springboard for your inspiration.


1. Give a gift certificate to dinner and/or a free night of babysitting. Consider giving your employers a gift certificate to a local restaurant, a free night of babysitting, or both. Offering your services so that your employers can enjoy a night out is often a much appreciated gesture.

2. Create a special project made by the children. Consider framing a special painting that the children have done or doing a special project together. Painting coffee mugs at your local ceramic studio or making a memory book may be the perfect gift.

3. Take photos. Have a photo shoot and capture your charges at their best. Present your handy work in a frame or photo book. One nanny had her charges use their bodies to spell out Merry Christmas, took photos and put them in a spiral bound photo album that she ordered from an online printer.

4. Make something. Do you have a knack for candy making? Do you knit? Handmade gifts are often more meaningful than gifts that can be purchased at the store.

5. Opt for something personalized. A personalized ornament or holiday decoration. An engraved photo frame or wine glasses. Personalized gifts often provide the perfect combination of being practical without being too personal.

Nanny employers, what is the best gift you’ve received from your nanny? Nannies, what’s the best received gift you’ve given? Share your gift tips below.


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