Infants’ Acetaminophen Concentration Change


Companies are changing the concentration for medications for infants, and there are new dosing directions for these products.

In essence, infant concentrated drops are being phased out.

The “old” concentration for infants’ acetaminophen concentrated drops is 80 mg/0.8ml. The “new” concentration for infant’s acetaminophen oral suspension is 160mg/5ml.

Infant’s acetaminophen concentrated drops are 3x more concentrated than the acetaminophen oral suspension. There may be a period of time where both the concentrated drops and oral suspension are in families’ homes.

It is vital that each time you administer medication you confirm what concentration you are using, that you are administering the proper dose and that you are using the provided dropper or syringe for medication administration.

Caregivers should not give any medication to children in their care without the expressed written consent of their employers.

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