Car Seat Safety Reminder: The importance of the car seat chest clip


What is a chest clip?

The chest clip is a positioning device intended to keep the harness straps in position on the child’s shoulders.


Where should the chest clip be positioned when your child is secured in their seat?

The chest clip should be positioned at the child’s armpit level.


Why is the placement of the chest clip important?

The chest clip is designed to keep the harness straps properly positioned on the child’s shoulders; this is important because the harness is the component that keeps the child restrained in the car seat. A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed that 59% of child harnesses are not tight enough. If the harness is loose and the chest clip is too low, one or both harness straps can slide off the child’s shoulders, allowing the child to potentially be ejected from the car seat in the event of a crash.


Click here to read more from Britax and to see what a properly adjusted chest clip looks like.


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