Why I Love Being a Nanny


National Nanny Recognition Week
September 18-24, 2011


The work you do is important.

What you do matters.

You are valuable.


Each moment you spend with the child in your care leaves an impression.

 Thank you for dedicating your time and talents to making each one, a good one.


Please take a moment to watch this video



In honor of National Nanny Recognition Week, Family Helpers will be giving a way a $100 gift certificate to the spa.

Enter to win between Sunday, September 18, 2011 and Sunday September 24, 2011  by sharing in a few sentences about why you love being a nanny.

 The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Monday, September 25.  


Happy National Nanny Recognition Week

The Staff at Family Helpers


Be sure to add an email address in your post so you may be contacted should you win!


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5 Responses to “Why I Love Being a Nanny”

  1. Heather McKinley Says:

    I love being a nanny because I get to daily enjoy helping the children learn new and fun skills. It is like having a job without feeling like I am really working. It is so fun and amazing to watch them gain a new concept and know that you helped shape it. I also love all the free hugs and kisses and hearing I love you nanny. It just doesn’t get better than that.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I love being a nanny because I love making a difference in children’s lives! I love making them smile and laugh every day and in return getting to smile and laugh every day myself! There is nothing like the innocence of a child! ❤

  3. Casey Swankie Says:

    I love being a nanny for numerous reasons. Most importantly, I get to laugh and smile every single day I come to “work”
    I learn things from my children each and every day.
    I adore these children and I’m so glad to be part of their lives.

  4. Cindy Augustine Says:

    I love being a nanny, because you get to spend your day playing games while teach important life lessons. Knowing you get to make a difference in their lives. Seeing how excited they get when they master something you have been teaching them. It is so great seeing them smile at you each and every day!

  5. Family_Helpers Says:

    Congrats Casey Swankie! Random.org has spoken and you are the winner of the gift certificate! Please contact Family Helpers by email at info@familyhelpers.net. to claim your prize

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