5 Tips for Back to School Success


The start of the school year is just around the corner. As you prepare for your back to school transition, consider these 6 tips for getting off to a successful start.

1. Send your kids off to school with a super nutritional breakfast. Turkey sausage and eggs and cheese, or fresh fruit, yogurt and a handful of nuts are protein packed choices that will energize and jump start your child’s day.

2. Get things ready to go the night before. Make it as easy as possible for your child to get out of the door to eliminate potential problems. Pull out clothes and pack lunches the night before and gather shoes and backpacks by the door to prevent morning slowdowns.

3. Arrange for playdates and outings. Help your child build relationships with classmates by providing an opportunity for play. Nature walks or trips to the local playground make for wonderful fall after-school adventures. If you employ a nanny, encourage her to foster your child’s friendships by making plans to play with classmates.

4. Take a break. Make weekends enjoyable and something that your child looks forward to by planning something to do together. Take a walk, play together or go on a family outing. Whatever you do, have fun!

5. Have consequences for uncooperative behavior. Getting the kids out of bed on time can be a real challenge. If your older child consistently refuses to get out of bed in the morning, for each time that you have to ask him to get up, push his bedtime up by 15 minutes. Consider putting a safety gate on a younger child’s room to keep him inside.

6. Catch him being good. Praise your child when he makes an effort to get out the door on time, has a positive attitude or does his homework without nagging.


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