Family Helpers Safety Reminder


Family Helpers reminds nannies, parents and agencies that only child care providers who have the proper training should take children swimming or near large bodies of water like a pool, lake or ocean.

The International Nanny Association recommends that children are only to be taken swimming by a nanny if she is a lifeguard, if she has successfully completed a credible water safety and rescue course, or if there is a lifeguard present.

INA also recommends that any child care provider who works in a home where there is a large body of water present be properly trained in water safety and rescue.

To find an American Red Cross Water Safety and Rescue course in your area, visit


One Response to “Family Helpers Safety Reminder”

  1. Joy Says:

    This is a great reminder. I have witnessed two children almost drown (not my own). We were at a pool party and the moms were talking. Kids who have gone under the water or lost their footing make almost no noise. It is critical to have someone watching the kids at all times and know pool safety. Another great resource for parents in the Moms Guide to Caring for Little Teeth ( Tooth decay is one of the leading illnesses among children and can affect physical health. I’ve gotten practical tips from the guide on how to help my two children (newborn and 4 years old) keep their teeth clean and healthy.

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