5 Tips for Taking Great Holiday Photos


Every parent wants to take the perfect photo to put on the holiday greeting card, but getting that photo isn’t always so easy. Fortunately, there are some tips you can follow to capture your child at his best.

1. Choose a time when your child is naturally at his or her best. Well rested and well fed children make the best models. Most babies and young children do well after their morning or afternoon nap and a light a snack. Plan your child’s photo shoot for a time when he is well fed and well rested.

2. Get down to your child’s level. When photographing your child, it’s important to get down to his or her eye level so the photo is taken from your child’s perspective. You’ll also be better able to capture your child when he or she isn’t straining to see you.

3. Choose simple backgrounds. Choose a background that is free from clutter. You want your children to be the focus of the photo.

4. Take advantage of natural light. The best time to photograph in natural light is just after sunrise or just before sunset. Photographing during these times will help to avoid capturing shadows and will provide the ideal light for photographing your child. If you are photographing inside, place your child near a window, rather than using the flash.

5. Opt for simple clothes. Remember that you want the focus of the photo to be on your child, not on what he or she is wearing. Choose simple, well fitting clothing that won’t distract the viewer. Solid color clothing is always a good option.

The most important tip to remember when taking pictures of the kids is to be patient. If your child senses you are uneasy or frustrated, you’ll see it in the photos. Relax and enjoy this special time together. Take lots and lots of pictures and you’ll be sure to get the perfect one.


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