5 Tips for Staying Safe on Halloween


Halloween provides lots of opportunity for family fun, but the fun doesn’t come without potential dangers. Dressing up in costume, trick-or-treating, and participating in Halloween festivities can all be made a little safer if you follow these 5 tips.

1. Choose costumes that fit. Ill-fitting costumes can cause children to trip or have trouble walking around. Opt for costumes that fit snugly, allow children to wear their own footwear and don’t require a mask. Masks that don’t fit well can block a child’s line of vision. Non-toxic face paint can be a good alternative to a Halloween mask. If the costume requires accessories, be sure that they’re small, soft and flexible to prevent injury should your child fall on them.

2. Check the candy. Before allowing your child to eat any Halloween candy, give it a once over to be sure the packaging wasn’t tampered with. It’s always a good idea to only trick-or-treat at houses you know and to carry along a few treats with you in case your children get the candy cravings. Some parents prefer to swap out the Halloween candy their children have collected with candy from home.

3. Remember kids scare easily. When it comes to Halloween, emotional safety counts too. Since children can’t always tell the difference between what is real and what is not, until they are school age, it should be no surprise that children can be frightened quite easily.  When choosing Halloween costumes and decorations, keep them age-appropriate. While you may recognize blood on someone’s face as “fake blood” to a young child, blood is simply blood.

4. Collect in convoys. Consider trick-or-treating with friends. The more adult eyes and hands there are when walking the streets with children after dark, the better. 

5. Bring a light. When trick-or-treating, be sure to carry flashlights or battery operated lanterns to illuminate your path. Putting reflective tape on children’s costumes can also help to ensure drivers and others see them clearly.

Halloween sure brings lots of opportunities to celebrate. Celebrate safely to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time.


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