National Nanny Recognition Week


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September 19 – 25, 2010 is National Nanny Recognition Week (NNRW).

For nanny employers, NNRW is the perfect time to show your nanny just how much you appreciate her and the contribution she makes to your family.

For nannies, NNRW is a time to celebrate the wonderful work you do and the difference you make in the lives of the children in your care. One way you can do this is by getting together with other nannies for fun and learning. This year, Nannypalooza, an educational and social event for nannies, has gone nationwide. Click here to find a Nannypalooza event in your area.


4 Responses to “National Nanny Recognition Week”

  1. Kasandra Swankie Says:

    What I love most about being a nanny… Well, EVERYTHING!
    I have to say I love to watch the learning growth. I love the feeling when the children remember and incorporate things that I have taught them. Sometimes it happens overnight but most of the time it takes months. I always try to make everything educational and mean something.
    I love to see the childrens faces light up as I walk through the door every morning and their sense of peace while I’m there.
    Being a nanny is the best and I hope everyone is able to have the wonderful opportunity I was given, and that was to work with a family that they love.

  2. Michele Gobbert Says:

    I have a great passion for children and how they learn. Working privately with families in Westchester for over 18 years has not only provided me with extraordinary opportunities to learn and grow with children but was pivotal in my decision to become a teacher. Having extensive tenure with two families has taught me that their is no greater compliment or honor that can be given in this job than someone who will tell you that they trust you with their children. I have loved my time being a nanny and hope that chapter of my life will never fully be closed.

  3. Lisa Pagan Says:

    What do I love most about being a nanny ?? I love the joy of seeing my little one smile everytime I walk in the door. I love when she reaches for me with her chubby little fingers and crabs out for me to pick her up. I love the look on her little face when she masters something new and is so proud of herself. I love the smell of her baby skin and how she cuddles into me as we read a book. I love when children learn something new that they will build on and eventually turn into something great. Right now my little one and I are practicing letters and sounds. These will one day lead into her reading and eventually studying for a college degree. I am helping her prepare for her furture.

    I’ve been a nanny for over 14 years and it is the most rewarding “job” anyone could ever have. I tell everyone I know.. ” Ha Ha… I LOVE my job… hjow many people can say that ?? “… It’s wonderful to be ME !!!

  4. Whittnie Says:

    I did not know about this National Nanny Appreciation week! I have been a Nanny for years, and was unaware of this. Now that I am the owner of a Nanny agency and have many nannies working for me, I will be sure to show my appreciation for them during this week! After all, being a nanny is a highly respectable position and the most rewarding job filled with the love of a child!

    My Loving Nanny

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