5 Tips for Starting the School Year Off Right


It’s hard to believe the summer is almost over and in a few short weeks the children will be heading back to school. As you prepare to transition to the September school schedule, incorporate these 5 tips to start the school year off right.

1. Host a back to school BBQ. Hosting a gathering for classmates before school starts, or the weekend following the start of school, can provide the perfect opportunity for your child to get to know his classmates and for you to get to know their parents.

2. Solidify a routine. A predictable routine helps children to feel safe and secure. Children who are exposed to a routine also tend to perform better in school than children who aren’t. Have a set time for waking up, eating meals and going to bed. Doing so will help assure that your child is well rested, has time to have a nutritious breakfast and has consistent blood sugar levels throughout the day, all which will enhance your child’s ability to focus and to keep himself emotionally together.

3. Get organized. Having a set place for your child’s school stuff can help to eliminate early morning scavenger hunts, which inevitably lead to chaos. Designate storage areas for school bags, lunch boxes, sports equipment, important papers and musical instruments and insist that your child unpack her school bag as soon as she returns home from school each day. Making lunches and putting out school clothes the night before can also help to keep your mornings calm.

4. Have a time and a place for homework. Whether it is right after school or right after dinner, have a set time when homework gets completed and a set place where it’s done. When your child knows that she’s expected to do her homework at the same time, in the same place each day, she’s more likely to cooperate and follow the routine.

5. Schedule in free time. After a long and structured day, kids need time to be kids. Set aside time when your child can take part in activities that he enjoys. If your child feels like he’s still able to have some fun, he’s less likely to view school as the reason he can’t play outside or visit with a neighborhood friend.


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