Keeping Kids Safe in the Heat


As the weather heats up, it’s important to be sure that kids don’t. Babies and young toddlers are extremely vulnerable to heatstroke in hot temperatures as they are less able to tolerate heat. Heatstroke occurs when our bodies aren’t able to get rid of excess heat. We get rid of extra heat by evaporating extra fluids, radiating it to cooler environments and by letting cooler air currents carry it away by convection. When the air temperature is hot, the air isn’t moving, and dehydration is setting in, heatstroke can occur.

In the hot weather, it’s important to remember these things when caring for children:

• Keep children well hydrated – remember to offer fluids more frequently and speak to your child’s pediatrician about what age it is safe to introduce water to your baby
• Stay in areas where there is good air circulation
• Avoid prolonged exposure to the hot sun
• Never leave a child alone in a car, even for a minute
• Use air conditioning in the home and in the car
• Choose lightweight, loose-fitting clothing

If your child has a heat rash, complains of leg cramps, faints, has swelling of the hands or feet, complains of nausea or headache or has a fever, you should consult your pediatrician as your child may be experience a heat related illness.

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