Keeping Kids Warm Outdoors


With computer games, television and sedentary activities taking up more and more of our time each day, getting outdoors daily, even if for a brief walk, has never been more important.

Spending time outdoors on a regular basis helps promote an active lifestyle and encourages our children to develop a love for the outdoors.

Even on most winter days, it’s a good idea to spend a little time outside, but it’s important to dress your child appropriately when you do.

Follow these three tips to ensure that your child is warm enough to safely enjoy his outdoor adventure:

·         Dress your child in one extra layer of clothing than you are wearing outside. 

·         Dress your child in layers.  Several thin layers of clothing will help keep your child warm and dry. Consider putting your child in thermal underwear; thick socks; a thermal shirt or turtleneck; and a fleece top or sweater. You’ll also want to put on a hat, mittens and boots to keep him warm. When it’s really cold, he’ll also need a snowsuit or jacket and snow pants for playing outdoors. If your child will be playing in the snow, be sure his outermost layer is waterproof.

·         If using a stroller, use a footmuff to keep your child super warm. If you are using a stroller that accommodates an infant car seat, opt for a fleece cover that protects your baby from the elements.  These pieces of gear are great alternatives to blankets which can end up falling out of the stroller only to be dragged behind you.

Remember, if the weather feels really cold to you, it may in fact be too cold for your child. Since the wind can significantly affect how cold it feels outside, you’ll want to take the wind chill into consideration when planning your daily outing. In very cold weather (under 30 degrees F) you will want to limit the time your child is outdoors. Ask your child’s pediatrician for guidelines on what temperature to venture out with your child in the cold winter months.



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