Holiday Gifts for Nannies


There is no denying that nannies and their employers share a unique bond.  Unlike with other professional relationships, the nanny and employer relationship is one that is marked by an unusual intimacy that most other employees and employers never experience.

In addition to working inside the private homes of their bosses, nannies are hired to care for parent’s most prized possessions, their children.  By the very nature of their job description, nannies enter into a close relationship with both their employers and the children in their care.

This unique nature of the nanny/employer relationship often becomes magnified for nanny employers during the holiday season.  Many families view their nanny as part of their own family, but know at the end of the day she’s really not. It’s this relational blurred line can make the holidays stressful for nanny employers. In addition to debating on whether to invite the nanny to special family functions and events or not, employers often struggle with deciding on what to give their nanny for a holiday gift.

The main thing to remember when contemplating what to give your nanny for the holidays is that more than anything else, your nanny wants to feel valued and appreciated.

In my experience in working with both families and nannies, I have found that the “perfect gift” consists of two gifts that employers feel good about giving and nannies feel good about getting.

1. A holiday bonus.  In the nanny industry, 1-2 weeks of paid salary is considered a customary holiday bonus. The longer a nanny has been with the family, the larger the holiday bonus tends to be.

2. Something special from the children.  Nannies love receiving something personal made by or picked out by them from the children. This can be a special piece of artwork, a decorated coffee mug from the local pottery center, a photo in a special frame or a batch of cookies made with tender loving care.

Giving both a professional and personal gift seems to be the best solution for a relationship that is a little bit of both.



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