Good News: INA Individual Membership Dues Slashed


25Are you an employer looking for the perfect holiday gift to give your nanny? Are you a nanny looking to connect with other professional caregivers?

The International Nanny Association’s Board of Directors held its annual fall meeting November 5th and 6th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

To kick off INA’s 25th Anniversary celebration, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce:
All new and renewing Individual Membership dues have been reduced from $95 to $35 effective immediately. New Individual Members who joined INA after November 1, 2009 and Individual Members who have already paid their renewal fee for 2010 will have the option of:

  • donating their balance of $50 ($85 early bird rate – $35 2010 renewal rate) to the 2010 INA Nanny of the Year™ fund or the 25th Annual  INA Conference fund
  • receiving a credit with INA to be applied to future transactions, or
  • receiving a $50 refund check.

With this reduction of fees, Individual Members will no longer be eligible for an early bird discount and Individual Membership dues will no longer be prorated.

Visit or call 888.878.1477 to sign up today!



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