Securing Child Care for School Vacation


While most every parent would love to stay home each and every school vacation day with their child, for most working parents, that’s simply not possible.

Securing your child care arrangements well in advance can help eliminate the stress that comes along with trying to find last minute coverage.

When planning your vacation child care coverage, consider these three possibilities:

1.  Utilizing family and friend care. Consider asking a family member of close friend to help out with child care during the week. Many family members and friends welcome the opportunity to help out.

2. Securing a swap. Perhaps one of your child’s school friends has a stay-at-home mom who would care for your child one day or more. In exchange, you could offer to care for her child on a Saturday. She may jump at the idea of having a day to herself or with her spouse.

3. Calling Family Helpers.  Family Helpers is able to provide you with a prescreened, reliable temporary sitter.  All Helpers providing temporary and on-call services have passed Family Helpers’ rigorous screening, which includes interviews, reference checks and background checks. For one day or more, Family Helpers is here to help.



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