5 Great Fall Craft Projects for Kids



Looking for some fun, festive arts and crafts projects to do with the kids?

Try out one of these fall favorites:

1.  Fall foliage placemats. Gather an assortment of leaves and place them on a sheet of contact paper. Top with a second piece of contact paper and trim the edges using fancy sheers.  Make several placements and use them to decorate the Thanksgiving table. They can also be given as holiday hostess gifts.

2. Apple prints. Place a few paper towels onto a paper plate. Pour a small amount of non-toxic paint onto the paper towels to create a makeshift stamp pad.  Slice an apple in half.  Dip the apple into the paint and press it onto the construction paper.

3. A season’s worth of trees. Draw or paint four trees on one large piece of paper.  Add leaves to the trees by gluing on small pieces of colored curling ribbon. The fall and spring trees can have multicolored ribbon (with the fall tree having less, darker colored ribbon), the summer tree can have green ribbon, and the winter tree can remain bare.

4. Pinecone owl.  Glue small pieces of black yarn to the top 1/3 of a pinecone.  Glue plastic wiggly eyes on top of the yarn. Cut a small triangle out of yellow felt and glue it on, upside down, between the eyes.

5. Handy turkey. Trace around the child’s hand on construction paper while his fingers are spread out as much as possible.  Cut out an orange triangle and glue it to the paper thumb for the beak. Cut out small red circles and glue them onto the bottom of the thumb as the turkey’s wattle. Use a marker to add the turkey’s eye. Glue colored feathers onto each of the fingers. 


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