Family Helper’s National Nanny Recognition Week Celebration



NNRW 2009 003


Recently some of our nannies gathered together to celebrate National Nanny Recognition Week.

We had a great time at Bo Cafe eating, chatting and celebrating the positive difference nannies make in the lives of families.

It was a great opportunity for the nannies to connect with others who truly understand the important work they do. As always, I enjoyed catching up with the nannies I’ve placed and hearing how their positions are evolving.

Out of curiosity, I asked Cynthia, one of the nannies I’ve placed over the years, a few questions about her experience with Family Helpers. I first placed Cynthia 3 years ago. Here’s what she had to say.

What made you choose Family Helpers?

The people there!  I checked out a couple agencies and the people at Family Helpers were so nice, welcoming and honest. I have only worked with them since.

How has Family Helpers helped you? What is the biggest thing Family Helpers does to support you?

They are there whenever I need them. If I have a problem at work or need advice on how to handle something, they are always there to help. They didn’t just disappear after they placed me in a job.

Why did you come to this event?

Family Helpers get-togethers are always fun! They also provide a good opportunity to get to know other nannies placed by Family Helpers.

 I am certainly glad that Cynthia feels this way about Family Helpers. We consider our nannies and families part of our extended family. And we treat them that way.



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