4 Fun Things to do this Fall




4 Fun Things to do this Fall

Westchester Country offers some great outdoor activities that families can enjoy. If you’re looking for something fun to do this fall, try going on one of these outings.

1. Visit an apple orchard. Apple picking is fun for kids of all ages. And the fun doesn’t have to stop once you leave the farm. End the day by making homemade applesauce, an apple pie or apple cider together.

Check out:
Outhouse Orchards
Hardscrabble Road
North Salem, NY 
(914) 273-3188

Stuart’s Fruit Farm
Granite Springs Rd
Granite Springs, NY
(914) 245-2784 

2. Take a stroll through a pumpkin patch. In addition to providing a colorful, festive photo backdrop, kids love exploring all the different shapes and sizes of pumpkins. Let them pick out their favorite one to take home to carve or decorate.

Check out:
Wilkens Fruit & Fir Farm
1313 White Hill Road
Yorktown Heights, NY
(914) 245-5111

3. Head to a petting zoo. Kids love to get up close and personal with animals. Bring your hand sanitizer!

Check out:
Rainbeau Ridge
9 David’s Way
Bedford Hills, NY
(914) 234-2197

4. Take a hike. Literally! Explore the trails with the kids. Hunt for rocks, pinecones and all kinds of nature’s treats. Have the kids collect their favorite find and bring them home to make a collage.

Check out:
Muscoot Farm
51 Route 100
Katohah, NY
(914) 862-7282



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