What to Do When Your Child Care Falls Through





Whether your in-home child care provider calls out sick, or your child is slightly ill and because of daycare policies can’t attend until he’s cough, sneeze or fever free for at least 24 hours,  for working parents, there is hardly a thing more frustrating than scrambling to make last minute back-up child care arrangements.

The good news is, with one single phone call, Family Helpers can solve your back-up child care dilemma. If your family lives in the greater Westchester County area, Family Helpers can have a back-up child care provider at your door, in most situations, within an hour.  Since all of the caregivers we send out our prescreened and experienced in providing back-up care and care for slightly ill children, you can rest easy knowing your child will be in good hands.

For families who like to plan for the unexpected, they can preregister for back-up services with Family Helpers. Providing Family Helpers with essential information about your family prior to needing back-up care can help assure that when the unexpected happens, we’ll have all your information already logged into our database system, saving you time and energy.

Knowing you have somewhere to turn to in a child care emergency can ease the stress and lessen the frustrations that come along with making back-up care arrangements. We’re glad we’re here to help.



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